ance speaks a universal language that expresses the infinite ways of the divine.  It reaches beyond cultural and religious differences to express the deepest dimensions of our being, in a way no words or book could ever do.

My love of dance and movement has led me on a life-long journey through many different lands and cultures.  These cultural exchanges have inspired me to search for ways that dance and the arts can help bridge cultural gaps and create respect, love and unity among people of different backgrounds.

Dance has been my means of communication with the world, my tool for unlocking the wisdom within my unconscious.  My form is traditional yet contemporary, inspirational yet highly disciplined, and more than anything devotional.

I believe that dance is an important path for personal healing as it offers a uniquely powerful means of expressing deep emotion and spiritual yearning. 

Within the Sacred Circle of Dance we are offered the opportunity for creating community, gathering energy, connecting hearts and sending out blessings and healing to one another and to the world.

My artistic inspiration is drawn from many sources including the beautifully expressive dances of the Silk Road, and the Middle East; Sacred Circle dances from around the world; the dramatic landscapes of desserts found throughout the Middle East; sources of flowing water, the path of the Mevlevi whirling tradition; and the poetry of the great Sufi mystics Rumi, Hafiz, & Omar Khayyam.