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"Miriam's Well tells a story that unites us in our common humanity and divinity.  A stunning devotional offering through dance!" 
-Conscious Dancer Magazine


“A masterful performer of dances from the Silk Road and the Middle East, Peretz has brought together the three Abrahamic faiths through three similar female figures. Miriam’s Well is a thoughtfully shaped and sensuously performed 90 minute celebration, driven by powerful, refined dancing and fully engaged musicianship.”
- Rachel Howard, Bay Area dance critique and former correspondent of the San Francisco Chronicle

 “A brave and beautiful new work at a significant time...”
-Carmen Carnes, Senior Editor, Voice of Dance


“Miriam’s Well is a highly visceral and visually engaging dance and music performance created by acclaimed Berkeley dancer and choreographer, Miriam Peretz.
-David Templeton, Editor of The Bohemian


“Prayer in theater, theater as prayer, a beautiful and inspired evening of music, dance, deep attunement, and ecstatic love for the divine source of all life.” 
-Hilal Sala of the Mevlevi Sufi Order of America