Sacred Dance of the Heart
with Miriam Peretz & Special guests
Women's retreats for embodied healing through dance, music and nature
Lesvos, Greece- June 24-30

Yalova, Turkey- July 3-10
Tashkent/Samarkand, Uzbekistan- July 11- 20

June 24-30- Lesvos, Greece
Osho Afroz Meditation Center
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July 3-10- Yalova, Turkey
Mutlu Baba Cultural Center Dergah, Gokcedere
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Registration- send inquiry to Miriam to receive the full itinerary & registration details.

Weeklong immersions of heart centric dance weaving movement, song, nature, meditation, and group ritual. In our sacred circle of dance, we will be aligning our intentions and prayers with movements and gestures, breathing deeply into our bodies, and opening our hearts to deep healing.   Each morning we will create our sanctuary through beautiful ritual dances, traditional, mystical and improvisational dances.  Dance styles will range from traditional Silk Road (Persian and Central Asian,) to devotional whirling practices, circle dances from around the world and contemporary movement & improvisation.

The retreats will incorporate live music during workshops and during evening gatherings. There will be opportunity to sing, chant and play frame drums & daf's.  We will be graced to have some incredible musicians along with us including Issa Nessim, Meira Segal, Amir Shahsar, Einav Dahari & more!

The weeklong immersion in Yalova will include Sohbet (spritiual discussion) & Zikr (remembrance of the beloved through chanting) with Sheikh Issa Nessim Efendi, Sema dances with Alper Akcay, singing/chanting with Sinem Beykurt, and womb healing Yoga with Saylan Yilmaz.

July 12-21- Tashkent/Samarkand, Uzbekistan
A nine day trip to the heart of the dance and music cultural center of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.

for more details on this trip send inquiry to- Miriam

Watch a Video of Last Sacred Dance Journey