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Middle East Peace Concert Tour Review

"Concert-goers were enchanted by the beautiful Miriam Peretz, who performed three breath-taking dance solos during the show. Adorned in a richly ornamental red and gold costume, Peretz’s first performance was a traditional Persian dance, accompanied by Saedi singing in Farsi and playing the santoor. For the second piece, Perez entered the stage to the beat of the frame drum in an all-white garment to perform the sema, the sacred whirling dance of the dervishes inspired by the Sufi mystic, Mevlana Rumi. As Peretz danced, the four musicians recited, “Allah,” a devotional act known as zhikr, (meaning “remembrance of God”). For Peretz’s final piece, she wore a blue, diaphanous costume and danced with a long, silk veil to an old Hebrew song."

- Exerpt from Review by By Farah Bullara, Aslan Media Contributing Arts Writer

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“Instructive, too, in its way, was the performance of Miriam Peretz, incarnating dances from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Peretz is an Israeli and former member of Inbal Ethnic Dance Theater, yet she has absorbed this alien culture so persuasively that you must ask if national origin really matters in mastering any dance art. Peretz also reaffirmed the unbreakable link between dance and music. Accompanied by Salokhiddin Fakhriev and Abbos Kosimov, two brilliant exponents of the doira (a Central Asian drum), the dancer etched a rhythmically complex solo, partially improvised, that brought Tajikistan very close to a Broadway tap dance palace, to the detriment of neither.”

- Allan Ulrich- Voice of Dance

What I experienced tonight was something rare. Ms. Peretz has synthesized a myriad of styles, from many shades of modern dance to the most ritual-infused Sufi movement, with passion, craft, and vision.  She is a highly gifted solo dancer and fully commands the stage with her grace and directness.  I, along with the entire audience, was transfixed by the environment she created, and the response was a sustained standing ovation.”

- Michael Smolens, Senior Composer- Second Sight Music