“Miriam brings innovation to the art of movement through exploring the traditional, classical, folkloric to the spiritual and post modern styles of dance.  Known for her exquisite and passionate musicality, Miriam is affectionately described as a master dancer.”  -Gina Grandi

“Miriam has a way about her - in her class you feel very "in the moment," you seem to forget the outside world.  She encourages you to just jump in and dance with your whole heart.  This is a reflection of her teaching style, which is very spiritual at its core and also respectful to its cultural origins.  I also love her class because it's an expression of Iranian/Central Asian culture that is beautiful and positive, and not what we see on the daily news.” Lina Nazar

“Miriam’s dance classes transcend technique and choreography; they compel the dancer to become a poet, a conduit of creative intention, a vessel for music.  I always leave class with ruminations on transcendence, with heightened presence, and with the sensation that I participated in something beautiful.”  Rebecca Prather 

“I love the energy of Miriam’s classes, I leave feeling healed and inspired.  I always feel so welcomed in her class, as she creates such an up-lifting environment, I often find myself singing on my way back home. " Mariam Dahooei