Transcendence- Charkh e Falak (turning of the cosmos)

Friday, March 24th

San Francisco City Hall
12 Noon
Free of charge
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A dance installation in honor of Nowruz, (New Day) a celebration of the Spring equinox observed by peoples across the Middle East and Central Asia. This piece honors the ancient Zoroastrian sun deity, Mithra, in celebration of the sun’s passage across the celestial equator, equalizing night and day, the alignment of the cosmos, and constant turning towards center. The word falak can be used to describe the cosmos, the universe, as well as one's fate and destiny.

The circular shape of the daf (frame drums the dancers hold) evokes the image of the sun, moon, and planets and reminds us of the cyclical nature of life that connects us with the infinite universe.

The installation will also feature a traditional Iranian haft seen (the ritual alter built in homes during the time of Nowruz,) and an enactment of the rituals performed on Nowruz by Anahita, the ancient Persian goddess of water.